Game Rules

Schedule 2 – Game rules  (Interactive Instant Win Games or Slots).

These Rules for Instant Win Games or Slots apply when You play any Instant Win Game or Slots. Each Instant Win Game or Slot also has its own Game Specific Rules that apply from time to time.

  1. 1 Game Termination
  2. 2 Defective Games
  3. 3 Incomplete Games

Back to Contents 1 Game Termination

  • Islands Lotto can announce the closing date for an Instant Win Game or Slot at any time. Islands Lotto will place notifications on the Site which will set out when the Instant Win Game or Slot is going to close. In exceptional circumstances, Islands Lotto may close an Instant Win Game or Slot without giving prior notice.

Back to Contents 2 Defective Games

  • Where instructed by the Jersey Gambling Commission or in appropriate circumstances, Islands Lotto will, or may (in its absolute discretion provided it is acting reasonably), declare that a Play of an Instant Win Game or Slot is defective. In these circumstances, all relevant Plays of that Instant Win Game or Slot and all relevant Prizes won will be void and Islands Lotto will either:
    • give the affected Player an opportunity to play another Play of equivalent price; or
    • reinstate to the affected Player's (or Players') Account the Funds used to purchase the defective Play.

  • Islands Lotto will decide which of 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 above shall apply.
  • You have no right to cancel a Play.
  • Subject to Paragraph 2.1 above, no reinstatement of Funds used to purchase Plays will be given in any other circumstances. 

Back to Contents 3 Incomplete Games

  • If You do not complete a Play within 7 days of buying it, the Islands Lotto Computer System will play out the game to its completion on Your behalf immediately following the expiration of the 7 day period. 
  • A Pay to Play Game is considered complete when its outcome status in the ‘My Games’ section of Your Account on the Site shows whether or not there is a Win.
  • Any Win in respect of Plays completed on Your behalf under Paragraph 3.1 must be claimed in line with Sections 6 and 7 and will be paid in accordance with Section 8 of the Terms.