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Frequently Asked Questions

To play an instant win game you will need to have an Islands Lotto account and have the required funds to play that game. Choose the instant win game you would like to play and follow the simple instructions. Purchased but non-played games will need to be played before you can play another of the exact same game. You do not need to finish playing a game if you choose to play a different type of game.

Instant win games are a game of chance; no skills are required to win. The outcome of each instant win game is predetermined at the point of purchase. They are a pay to play game or a try game. The outcome is generated by random number generator software that has been independently checked and audited.

When you win an instant win game, you will immediately be notified of your win and the prize amount on your game screen. Prize winnings will automatically be added to your balance.

Your winnings will be automatically credited to your Islands Lotto account. You are free to play more games or draws or withdraw your winning amount.

All instant win game prizes are listed on the relevant instant win game pages in the prize tables.