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These are the Game Procedures (the PROCEDURES) for The Big Deal (the GAME). When you play the Game, these Procedures, the Game Specific Rules for The Big Deal, the Rules for Interactive Instant Win Games or Slots (the RULES) and the Account Terms apply. All of these documents can be found on Islands Lotto website. The Game Specific Rules can be found below.

Any word or term in these Procedures that has specific meaning will have the meaning given to it in these Procedures or the Rules (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise).

How to play?

Click on 'Play/Try', then on 'Try Game' or 'Play Game' and then on ‘Continue' when the game screen opens. 

To start a play, you need to choose the bet amount by pressing the plus “+” or minus “–“ on either side of the bet and press the Play button to spin the reels. 

By pressing Autoplay you will automatically play with the selected number of spins, you will be able to select your playing limits.

Game details

You choose your bet amount from 30p to £4.80.

The expected user return (RTP) is approximately 95.9%

Playing rules


Only the highest win per bet line is paid.

Bet line wins pay if in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel and are multiplied by the line bet.

Main Game

Wild symbols appear in stacks and substitute for all other symbols except the Bonus Scatter symbol. 

3 or more Bonus symbols in any position on reels 2, 3 and 4 initiates ‘The Big Spin’ Bonus wheel.

'The Big Spin' Bonus Wheel

The bonus wheel can award any one of the following:

  • Hi.Lo Move Up

  • Kaplinko!

  • Pick 'n' Match

  • 15 Free Spins with 1x Multiplier

  • 8 Free Spins with 2x Multiplier

  • 5 Free Spins with 3X Multiplier

Hi.Lo Move Up

A number from 1-10 is presented at the start of the round. Players decide if the next plaque’s number will be higher or lower. Players move up when guessing correctly, and to the right if guessing incorrectly. No moves if the numbers match. When players land on a prize, the game ends and that prize is awarded. Awards are multiplied by total bet.


The game begins with 3 balls. On each turn, players must drop one of the green balls from the top of the board. Prizes are awarded based on the bin values displayed to the side of the board. Final awards are multiplied by the bet per line.

Pick 'n' Match

Players must select squares until 3 matching pairs are revealed. Values are either coins or multipliers. The final award is the sum of coin matches times the sum of multiplier matches awarded. If no multipliers are revealed, then the final award is the sum of the coin matches. Final awards are multiplied by total bet.

15, 8 & 5 Free Spins

If 3 Bonus symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, then an additional Free Spins equal to the number of initiating spins will be awarded.


Autoplay plays a number of spins automatically. In the Autoplay options, select the number of spins, then enter the minimum loss limit to begin Auto spins.

Single win limits (per game) and total win limits can also be set.

The remaining Auto spins are displayed on the stop button (mobile) or next to the stop button (desktop). 

Autoplay can be cancelled at any time by pressing the Stop button. Autoplay will automatically stop if no spins are remaining; if any of the set limits are reached; if there is insufficient balance or if anything occurs that requires player intervention.

Connectivity and Malfunction

Players cannot be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by disconnections or network interruptions. In rare and exceptional circumstances where a game state cannot be restored, such a malfunction would void all pays and play.


Players may be inconvenienced or disadvantaged by poor performance as a result of technical issues such as slow network speeds or slower user devices.

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