Share the fun, the dream and the wins!


Share the excitement of playing the Islands Lotto with your friends, family or colleagues by creating a Lotto syndicate. They're really easy to set up, and you can soon do it all online! All you will need to get going is an Islands Lotto account. 

When you create your syndicate, you will be able to:

  • Choose your syndicate name
  • Choose the value of your syndicate stake
  • Invite others to play
  • Add your stake to your syndicate balance
  • Buy lottery tickets
  • Check your syndicate numbers
  • Easily release and share your winnings to your syndicate members.
Frequently Asked Questions
A syndicate is a group of lotto players who share the cost of a lotto ticket to play more games. Playing more games increases the chance of winning more prizes. If a syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among all syndicate members according to the percentage of stake provided by each player.