Xtra Win Results

Draw 38, drawn on 19 July 2018


Xtra Win
Draw 38 on 19 July 2018

Xtra Win is the brand new promotional Jackpot6 raffle game. Every time you purchase a Jackpot6 lotto ticket you are entered into the promotional Xtra Win raffle draw! Every additional Jackpot6 lotto ticket purchased is an additional entry into the Xtra Win raffle draw.

All you need to play is an Islands Lotto account with a credited balance to purchase your Jackpot6 lotto tickets. Jackpot6 Lotto tickets cost £2 and this includes your promotional entry into Xtra Win.

You will find your Xtra Win raffle tickets on the Xtra Win raffle page under ‘Draws’.

The Xtra Win raffle draw will run for the same duration of each Jackpot6 lotto draw. The Extra win raffle will open, close and be drawn at the same time as the Jackpot6 lotto draw.




Match your raffle ticket number for a chance to win £500!*

*There will be one guaranteed Xtra Win raffle winner per draw.

*Islands Lotto terms and conditions apply.

*Additional terms and conditions apply for the Xtra Win promotion. 

Terms and conditions apply.